VIDEO: Nuno Godinho & Mike Baker Decode Wealth Management 4.0

VIDEO: Nuno Godinho & Mike Baker Decode Wealth Management 4.0

Welcome to our new series, where we delve into the world of Wealth Management transformation and converse with the trailblazers shaping the industry. Starting with our very own group CEO, Nuno Godinho. 

Nuno has over 25 years experience in digital transformation and driving innovation in a range of industries. As a true innovator, Nuno has consistently driven change and evolution.

Leading the conversation is seasoned expert, Mike Baker. With a 30-year track record in the wealth management sector, Mike previously served as the Managing Director for FinoComp, part of the Bravura Solutions Group. Currently, Mike is working for ITL as a consultant, having a significant impact on our strategic growth.

In this conversation, Mike delves into the concept of Wealth Management 4.0. Together, they discuss what it means, unpack what this evolution entails, how Nuno plans to get there, and why collaboration is the key to its success. 

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