Simplifying the Complexity of Managing Investment Taxes

Reshaping Wealth by Demystifying Data

Fast-Tracking the Digital Leap in Wealth

Investing in Trailblazers for a Sustainable Circular Economy

Fast-tracking the future of

innovative wealth management

Industrial Thought Ltd. is a group of companies accelerating the evolution of wealth management 4.0. We are powering this transition and facilitating a socially responsible, sustainable economy through pioneering fintech and data products.

Our provenance began with the success of Financial Software Ltd. (FSL), which has driven fintech innovation in wealth management since 1994.

Our future is sharply focused on advancing the industry for all, supported by the collective understanding of our other group companies – Raw Knowledge, Thought Train, and Thought Ventures.

These joint capabilities combine specialist tax solutions, bespoke data, proof of concept testing, and the ability to nurture future innovators by providing financial investment and support. We believe that collaboration is key to delivering innovative wealth management solutions for our clients, our industry, and our planet, which will expedite a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous world.


If you are a business looking to speak with us, interested in a strategic partnership or any of our sister company products, get in touch with us here to have a chat.