A full financial technology ecosystem


FSL is a pioneering fintech company providing specialist investment tax solutions that simplify the process of wealth management, analysis, and reporting. The firm has a proven track record for developing market-leading financial technology products since 1994, including CGiX, the industry’s award-winning capital gains calculator.

Having initially focused on software, FSL leveraged its expertise to meet the demands of a changing market and evolved its offering to include financial services data. In addition to CGiX, its other solutions include a comprehensive database of corporate actions that supports its products and is also used for offshore investment and excess reportable income. And ETHiX, ESG modelling software which lets users create an accurate picture of ESG performance and advise on sustainable investment strategies. The team also offers tax and data consultancy services to some of the UK’s largest banks and wealth firms.

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Raw Knowledge is a specialist data provider for the wealth management industry. It has the most comprehensive database of information with capital events histories dating back to 1975. This database is used to create structured, accurate and extensively-scoped corporate information sets which are linked by international-standard coding. Armed with the right data, financial services firms can provide innovative wealth solutions, differentiating themselves from the competition and make informed decisions.


Thought Train is a rapid proof of concept company focused on financial software innovation. It has the specific mandate of prototyping and developing new product ideas that emerge from the Industrial Thought group and other software innovators in the market. Thought Train is uniquely placed to actualize concepts at speed, backed by the knowledge of its sister companies.


The newest company under Industrial Thought’s umbrella, Thought Ventures is a venture builder and incubator aimed at innovative start-ups working towards a more circular economy.


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