Industrial Thought Invests In Specialist ESG Platform To Help Wealth Managers Mitigate Greenwashing Risks

Industrial Thought Invests In Specialist ESG Platform To Help Wealth Managers Mitigate Greenwashing Risks


London, England, 9th April 2024: Industrial Thought Ltd. – a group of companies specialised in investment taxation, financial data, and related consultancy services – has announced a £100K investment in Integrum ESG, alongside a partnership agreement to serve the wealth management industry with ESG data.

The unique SaaS platform offers a ‘glass-box’ approach to ESG analysis and risk assessment, giving wealth managers a simple way to gather validated and explainable ESG data.

A growing number of investors want ESG-friendly portfolios that align with their personal values, creating challenges for the wealth management industry. With the majority of ESG ratings generated using black-box models, wealth managers find it hard to justify their recommendations to clients. This comes at a time when doing so is more crucial than ever, with the FCA’s new anti-greenwashing rules adding regulatory pressure to provide interpretable information about sustainable investment products.

Integrum ESG has been developed by investment professionals to solve the problems associated with opaque methodologies and provide complete clarity. The easy-to-use platform gives clear reasoning for its ESG scores with full visibility into the underlying data. As a result, wealth managers can understand and explain a company’s ESG challenges and how it manages those challenges in the market. Other unique features include bespoke reporting solutions and real-time controversy alerts.

Shai Hill, Founder and CEO of Integrum ESG, commented: “We’re delighted to partner with Industrial Thought and its group company Financial Software Ltd. to serve the private wealth management industry better. Wealth managers are now facing regulatory pressures to consider their clients’ sustainability preferences, as well as demand from clients to receive a sustainability assessment within their regular investment reports. The ESG ratings used by many wealth managers are completely opaque, creating a risk of greenwashing claims. We look forward to working with the team to broaden access to our one-stop, easy-to-understand, affordable ESG solution.”

Nuno Godinho, Group CEO of Industrial Thought Ltd., added: “Trust and transparency are crucial if we want to unlock the full potential of ESG investing. Integrum ESG is an essential tool for wealth and asset managers, advisors and even investors to conduct a comprehensive ESG analysis and personalise their portfolios according to their sustainability preferences. This investment enables us to share its capabilities with our clients, expanding how we support them in providing accurate and explainable data.”

Industrial Thought is committed to advancing the future of financial services through innovative data-driven solutions that wealth managers and investors can trust.


About Industrial Thought Ltd.

Founded in 2013, Industrial Thought Ltd. is the parent company for a group of companies in the field of investment taxation, financial data, and related consultancy services. It aims to drive transformation by creating a complete suite of data, platform, and marketplace services to raise standards and speed up innovation.

Companies within Industrial Thought include:

  • FSL (Financial Software Ltd.), a provider of specialist investment tax solutions and the creator of CGiX, the market-leading capital gains calculator.
  • Raw Knowledge, which creates, compiles, and validates specialist financial information underpinning the group’s wealth management products and services, such as tax calculation.
  • Thought Train, facilitating the creation of a standardised master data structure for financial securities.


About Integrum ESG

Integrum ESG is the leading alternative ESG data and ratings platform for investors, blending human analysis and award-winning artificial intelligence models to capture, verify and display granular and relevant ESG data for analysis and assessment. The platform allows clients to dissect ESG scores, real-time sentiment, and more with a variety of unique-to-market features, empowering industry professionals and investors and giving them complete oversight of ESG risk across their portfolio.